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They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but not when it comes to digital publishing. You’ve invested heavily in building your brand, content and audience, so there’s nothing more frustrating than finding out an imposter is stealing ad spend meant for you. That’s why we built to help you prove your identity instantly to your buyers, so you can reclaim your fair share. 

Ads.txt was intended to help address fraud, but doesn’t protect the integrity of your domain or app to buyers. Instead it’s created meaningless work for your team, more bot traffic to your /ads.txt page and provided fraudsters and others with public access to your relationships.  In the end, it’s exposed, rather than protected you, while providing a roadmap for malicious behavior to hide more effectively.

What the industry really needs is a private whitelist of authenticated, verified direct sellers who continuously prove their credibility with each ad opportunity sent to buyers.

A certification also offers free reporting, summarizing buying activity along with specific information on any fraudulent activity attempted for your registered properties.  Buyers using the system also receive a fraud-free guarantee for their campaigns.

Setup is easy, and with a long list of platform partners to help, you’re never on your own. There are no laborious onboarding or resource-intensive integrations. You’ll be set up and certified quickly, with little to no disruption to your teams or operations.

Once you’ve been vetted and verified, each ad request is assigned a unique encrypted watermark. Every watermark contains important verification data to ensure buyers know their ads are running with real publishers, like you.

This certification provides valuable, detailed proof of your credibility. It’s a means for buyers to obtain fraud-free guarantees, and information on any attempted fraud involving your registered properties. All at no cost to your business.


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