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When it comes to buying digital media, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing not all of your budget can be dedicated to connecting with your existing and prospective customers.

While most fraud solutions focus on identifying fraudulent behavior, authenticates, validates and watermarks proven, credible publisher inventory. certified publishers are required to prove they are real by authenticating their domain or application and watermarking their ad opportunities using the platform. When an ad event is initiated with a publisher, it is assigned a unique encrypted watermark that is attached to the ad call in real time. Each Partner handling the ad call can independently unencrypt the credibility watermark through the platform along with a highly specific report of likely fraud. 

Best of all, every campaign powered by automatically comes with a fraud free guarantee!

During the campaign flight, your credibility report will include accurate, authenticated publisher information, referring/reselling partner information, any attempted manipulation of credible ad calls and the extent to which your campaign ran on imposter domains and apps.


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