How It Works

Why pay to identify something you don’t want to buy? That’s how fraud detection works in digital media right now. And why we’re flipping it on its head.

Trying to spot fake ad requests and bots that have perfected the art of appearing real is practically impossible. Even the best fraud detection services today can only identify less than half the obvious fraud processed through their systems. All while ruling out up to 25% of valid ad requests through false positives. Worse, you could easily spend more than 10% of the entire media budget on fraud detection services without actually protecting your campaign. 

Fortunately, tells you exactly which ad requests are from legitimate publishers and which are not. And campaigns powered by are 100% guaranteed to be fraud-free.


We’ve created a blockchain-enabled environment of authenticated publishers and issue encrypted watermarks for each verified ad request in real time

Publishers prove their ownership of a website or application through a rigorous technical authentication process

  • After verification, publishers are and allowed to fetch dynamically generated encrypted watermarks issued by the service

  • Watermarks are attached to each ad opportunity and are sent as part of the ad call. 

  • partners log these watermarks along with other information onto a permissioned blockchain to track ad event credibility from initiation to delivery.

  • partners unlock their custom credibility report from the site  


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